Semiconductor Automation

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We help businesses thrive in a dynamic, fast-changing world with reliable data-driven solutions and seamless AI integration.


We leverages its deep domain expertise to assist semiconductor firms in optimizing performance and deploying cutting-edge solutions. We offer semiconductor companies transformational, technology-driven solutions for product development and engineering, IT infrastructure management and cloud transformation, business application modernization, IT M&A, R&D support, digital back and front offices, and cutting-edge semiconductor technology.

We provide engineering solutions that cover the design, testing, pre-certification, silicon, firmware, host software, drivers, board, and system architecture stages of the product development lifecycle.


Integrating Advanced Robotics

We are experts at integrating advanced robotic technology into the processes used to manufacture semiconductors. Our robotic systems expertly handle complex operations with unrivalled accuracy and efficiency.

Smart Manufacturing

We develop intelligent and self-optimizing semiconductor production environments by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

Process Automation

Through automation, we streamline crucial semiconductor engineering procedures like wafer production, packaging, and testing. Our solutions guarantee consistency, dependability, and scalability, enabling manufacturers to easily meet escalating demand

Automated Inspection & Quality Control

For automated inspection and quality control, we leverages modern imaging technologies and machine learning algorithms. Our technologies detect faults and anomalies with pinpoint accuracy, thereby improving the quality of semiconductor products.

Supply Chain Automation

With the help of our supply chain automation solutions, semiconductor manufacturers may increase supply chain efficiency, decrease lead times, and manage inventory more effectively, resulting in prompt delivery of semiconductor components to clients.

Data Driven Decision Making

To enable data-driven decision-making, we utilizes the power of data analytics and real-time monitoring. Our products give semiconductor engineers useful information that they may use to find opportunities for optimization and raise yield.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is used to automate administrative chores such as data input and report production, freeing up employees for more important roles in the semiconductor engineering process.

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We accelerate the development lifecycle for continuous innovation in line with the ever-changing demands of consumers and businesses in the semiconductor industry.