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Are you ready to go on a new journey that will alter your business operations through the use of cutting-edge SaaS solutions? Appfabs is the place to be! Our comprehensive suite of services is geared to fit the specific needs of modern businesses, enabling a smooth digital transformation that sets you apart from the competition.

SAP Services

Appfabs provides various services for SAP on-premises and on-cloud applications during their entire lifecycle. Our SAP transformation projects produce results, whether legacy modernization, process optimization, or digital innovation. We counsel, develop, create, and maintain customized SAP consulting, SAP implementation, and SAP integration solutions to meet the demands of your industry.

SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Transformation Services

Businesses all over the world are changing due to increased rivalry, client closeness, globalization, innovation culture, and technology improvements. This fuels the search for flexible, scalable enterprise solutions. Appfabs provides S/4 HANA upgrade consulting to this support .

SAP SuccessFactors Service

Appfabs helps enterprises achieve strategic human capital goals in human resources, talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development through our comprehensive SAP SuccessFactors Cloud HCM solution for all of your people's needs.

SAP Capabilities Overview

In order to improve process effectiveness, employee productivity, user experience, and employee engagement, we assist customers in conceptualizing, implementing, and optimizing their HR transformation journeys. We do this by utilizing the SuccessFactors Cloud HCM platform.

Supply Chain, Purchasing, and Human Capital Management

Appfabs leverages SAP's industry-leading Collaborative SaaS products such as Ariba and SuccessFactors to empower people, streamline processes, and enhance partnerships. We offer a wide range of SaaS services in supply chain, procurement, and human capital management.

Business Assistance

In today's disruptive environment, organizations seek to revamp business models and harness technology and analytics aligned with key business KPIs to streamline daily operations. Appfabs introduces the cloud-based business enablement framework from Hexaware.

Cloud Enterprise Data Modeling and Analytics (EDMA)

Hexaware's EDMA framework empowers businesses to seamlessly navigate the cloud landscape. With the ability to select the most suitable cloud stack, companies can embark on a journey of rapid and cost-effective cloud adoption, all while preserving their existing systems.

Embrace Success with Guidewire

For insurance companies seeking agility and efficiency, Guidewire is the ultimate choice, and Appfabs is your trusted provider. We offer a range of Guidewire solutions designed to elevate insurance operations and performance, including ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter. With Guidewire's cutting-edge technology, you can foster innovation, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and surpass your competitors.

Enhance Client Satisfaction

Empower your business to deliver quick quotes and specialized product offerings with Cognizant. Accelerate claim resolutions, expand payment options, and provide world-class, personalized customer care to win new business.

Transform and Automate Key Processes

Elevate critical processes like straight-through processing and underwriting. Streamline quote procedures by utilizing a single underwriting engine for policies, claims processing, and policy management.

Reduce Ownership Expenses

We are dedicated to reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Utilize the SAFe Agile methodology, mature digital engineering processes, and best practices integrated into Guidewire products.

Enhance Consumer and Partner Experience

Provide efficient distribution channels and a seamless user experience for partners, agents, and direct clients. Equip brokers' offices and agents with digitally-ready channels.

Co-create & Co-innovate

Our strength lies in collaboration. Together, we can refine your offerings and expand their appeal by introducing new solutions. We assist your business in achieving its innovation ambitions.

Faster to Market

With a scalable architecture and our MVP-based methodology, accelerate your time to market. Onboard partners, including insurtechs, as quickly as possible, ensuring adaptability and prosperity.

ServiceNow - Enterprise Service Management Platform

ServiceNow is a powerful tool for automating work and streamlining business processes across various domains, including IT service management, IT operations, customer support, and project portfolio management. We're here to help you leverage this cloud platform to efficiently handle your issues, tasks, and projects.

Enterprise Cloud Solution

ServiceNow's products are built on a cloud-based platform, offering the flexibility and scalability required to meet the needs of global enterprises. Its multi-instance architecture ensures high availability, even for large organizations. The platform provides built-in workflows and user-friendly tools, making it accessible to both corporate users and non-developers.

Service-Based Platforms

ServiceNow serves as a comprehensive enterprise-level platform for service management. It incorporates workflows, approvals, and notifications within the platform. You can have custom applications built on the platform to interface with your system of records, and ServiceNow manages communication between different systems.

Front End for Your Business Systems

Your organization relies on various platforms like CRM or ERP for day-to-day operations. ServiceNow seamlessly integrates these disparate backend systems and streamlines workflows, allowing you to optimize and "servitize" your operations.

Microsoft Solutions

Appfabs offers a comprehensive range of services related to Microsoft solutions. Our consultants will collaborate with your organization to guarantee a smooth deployment, whether you're looking for advice on a single product or a complicated solution involving several Microsoft products. We also offer maintenance and post-implementation support.

Microsoft 365

Businesses can run efficiently with Microsoft 365's suite of apps, which are tailored to meet industry and company-specific requirements.

Azure Cloud

The most reliable cloud for maximum security and efficiencies. With Azure Cloud, you can realize your ideas more quickly than ever before.


Ensuring enterprise-grade security and compliance while facilitating and streamlining team and cross-departmental collaboration and document storage.

Intelligence Using Power BI

One platform for business intelligence that stands out is Microsoft Power BI. An enterprise-grade analytics tool with an intuitive UI and remarkable data visualization powers is the Professional edition.

Application Development

Our development expertise spans a wide range, including enterprise-grade web apps, content management systems, eCommerce portals with shopping carts, ERP systems, and .NET application migration.

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