Product Engineering

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Product Engineering

In the software industry, keeping up with changing client expectations is crucial. Regular updates, incorporating new technology, and staying ahead of trends and requirements are key to establishing a strong, dynamic, and resilient business.

At Appfabs, we work closely with our customers to enhance their Product Engineering efforts. Our aim is to accelerate the implementation of advanced digital technologies by providing extensive skills and expertise and by utilizing proven strategies from related industries.

Our comprehensive services encompass all stages of the product life cycle, including ideation, design and development, maintenance and support, as well as program management for specialized tasks like release management and test automation.

Our Services

Product Engineering Consulting

We are capable of conducting product architecture and modernization assessments, crafting strategic roadmaps for customer-focused innovation labs, and have extensive experience in developing technologies such as IoT and machine intelligence, enabling us to perform end-to-end testing of new solutions.

Product Development

Our process encompasses the entire product development cycle, starting from developing the concept, documenting specifications and requirements, creating engineering designs for improvements, and culminating in the development of the product using relevant technologies.

Product Testing

Before the product hits the market, we conduct comprehensive testing, covering Functional (Manual/Automated), Integration, Performance, Mobile App, Compatibility, Security, and Graphic User Interface (GUI) Testing. This rigorous testing procedure ensures the product's quality and reliability.


In mobility, we excel in native app development for iOS, Android, and Windows, with a strong track record in navigating complex multi-device mobile landscape. We also offer hybrid mobile solutions, leveraging cutting-edge web technologies like Progressive Web Apps, Xamarin, Cordova, PhoneGap, and IONIC.

Product Support & Maintenance

We provide expert maintenance services to revitalize portfolios. Product Support Services, Product Sustenance Engineering, and Product Rationalization are examples of these services. They want to keep the software environment, user experience, income, and efficiency as they are.

Special Focus for Emerging Technologies

AppFabs has a technology group that monitors disruptive developments in the industry.


We are deeply engaged in the Blockchain ecosystem, actively monitoring developments in the Storage, Processing, and Communications layers. Our expertise extends to architecting decentralized computing applications around blockchain technology, including a deep understanding of Ethereum's distributed computing platform, its architecture, and smart contracts. We have proficiency in utilizing Hyperledger Fabric for the development of blockchain applications.


We specialize in Industrial IOT solutions, focusing on Asset Performance Monitoring and Digital Twin technologies. Our expertise includes building IoT solutions using AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, and Predix. We are skilled in ingesting, processing, and storing Big Data from connected devices, leveraging frameworks like Apache Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. Additionally, we have strong knowledge in NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, HBase, Prometheus, and InfluxDB


In the cloud domain, we excel in developing Cloud Native Applications tailored for major platforms like AWS, Azure, and Predix. Our expertise includes crafting scalable Enterprise API gateways with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID, Big Data solutions with cloud-based Polyglot persistence, and custom CI/CD solutions using tools like git, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, and Chef.


We excel in the field of web development, with a specialization in web development, including Micro Services-focused Enterprise Business APIs (Spring, ASP.NET, NodeJS) and cutting-edge web client apps (PWAs, Polymer, Angular, React, HTML5, Bootstrap). Also, we provide SEO services and UX/UI design solutions.

Machine Learning

We develop machine learning applications using TensorFlow and Spark MLlib, and also specialize in text analysis utilizing Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN).

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