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We help businesses thrive in a dynamic, fast-changing world with reliable data-driven solutions and seamless AI integration.

Taking on the Manufacturing Revolution

Go beyond the conventional production speed, yield enhancement, and cost reduction techniques to transform your manufacturing operations. At Appfabs, we have extensive knowledge of both discrete and process manufacturing settings. We enable businesses to increase efficiency and production by utilizing the latest innovations like hybrid cloud, automation, sensors, computer vision, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our comprehensive digital manufacturing solutions include operational efficiency fueled by actionable data, precise forecasting of raw material availability, material traceability, agile planning to adapt to changing consumer demands, and agile planning.


Our vast digital manufacturing solutions include flexible planning to respond to shifting consumer demands, precise projections of raw material availability, material traceability, and operational efficiency fuelled by actionable data.

Information technology

Manufacturing firms may improve their performance effectiveness, increase manufacturing effectiveness, improve product quality, and boost overall reliability with the help of Appfabs' expertise in IT infrastructure solutions, giving them a distinct competitive advantage. Our extensive services include the following:

SaaS and Business Applications

The key to success is automating business processes including production, sales quoting, accounting, and more. Quick decision-making is the foundation of manufacturing efficiency. Users in every department will have easy access to the data they require due to our ERP implementation capabilities.

Cloud Migration

The competitive value of modern cloud infrastructure is crucial for digital transformation. To create, update, or run your company in the cloud of your choosing, Appfabs offers its deep domain expertise, tools, accelerators, and cloud strategy acumen.

Application Creation and Modernization

Increase operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness by digitalizing your production processes with tailor-made and semi-custom applications. Warehouse management, inventory management, safety management, equipment management, production monitoring, and workflow tracking are all areas of expertise for our competent application development team.

Enterprise Architecture

Make a detailed map of your manufacturing and factory activities and use it as a strong diagnostic tool to discover problems, implement solutions, and plan for ongoing development. Our skilled team creates the best infrastructure, improves performance and quality with real-time process monitoring, and ensures dependability with predictive analytics, all while keeping to regulatory and safety standards.

Solutions for Services Integration

Enhancing communication across departments within the industrial organization boosts productivity and lowers operational expenses. With the help of Appfabs, manufacturers may streamline business procedures, restructure service management, and increase the visibility of cost savings.

Operations Technology

Our knowledge of product lifecycle management, manufacturing execution systems, and product design engineering enables us to assist our clients build better sustainability. Our forefront end-to-end designs and smart manufacturing solutions contribute to the development of intelligent goods and services as well as fresh, highly customized experiences.

Product Life Cycle Management

Utilize our knowledge of several PLM systems to make the most of your PLM experience. Increase the effectiveness of production management, including order dispatch, data collecting, reporting, analysis, and material tracking. Our skills encompass SAP, Dassault Systems, Flex PLM, Siemens Teamcenter, and enable firms to increase performance and shorten time to market.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Utilize the advantages of greater output and productivity, decreased downtime, enhanced consistency, and safety of manual procedures. To ensure efficient execution and increased production output, we design, deploy, and manage MES solutions that record manufacturing processes, data flows, and results.

Product Engineering Agility

Count on our expertise in digital manufacturing to develop smart, connected goods that promote innovation and efficiency. Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and ergonomic product design are among our design specialties. From concept engineering through electromechanical design, application, hardware, and embedded engineering to product verification, validation, production, and field services, we will support you at every step of the process.

Product Engineering Design

Work with our engineers and designers to create cutting-edge products and platforms that attract customers and improve your company's processes to accelerate your vision. We can get you from initial concepts to a minimum viable product (MVP) using our design methodology in as little as 16–20 weeks.

Supply Chain Resilience and Visibility

Obtain visibility into your inventory, coordinate orders, record enterprise-wide demand plans, reorganize your projections into one view, and track and trace your shipments. Manage risks by understanding the supply chain, which enables data-driven decisions and AI-assisted alternative action identification.

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing businesses are embracing the revolutionary power of digitization in the age of Industry 4.0, utilizing the latest technologies like industrial IoT, vision systems, analytics, and automation to promote smart decision-making, responsiveness, and operational efficiency.

Industrial IoT

Utilize the benefits of a network of intelligent devices linked to systems that track, collect, exchange, and evaluate data to acquire insights into the operation of products, machinery, and factories, as well as smart alerts for corporate decision-making. We monitor manufacturing processes using sensor-based digital twins that we model using our IoT framework, allowing clients to make decisions based on actionable information.

Vision Technology

As a replacement for manual labor in repetitive and difficult inspection duties, embrace computer vision technology to enable your production and quality control teams to work on value-added projects. In order to improve productivity, responsiveness, and quality reliability across the manufacturing process, we design machine vision systems.

Data & Analytics

Obtain important insights from your data by gathering, processing, analyzing, storing, and managing it. Utilize data to obtain insight into production expenses to increase yield, boost profits, and lower operating costs.


AppFabs uses automation technology to speed up production procedures and minimize human involvement. We assist you in removing inefficiencies and boosting productivity through automated data collecting and analysis, robotic process automation (RPA) on the manufacturing floor, and more.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Develop into a pioneer in promoting and supporting your contributions to a sustainable future. We assist businesses in developing the quantitative measurements and assurance capabilities needed to accurately assess and improve their progress toward organizational goals and sustainable solutions.

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