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We help businesses thrive in a dynamic, fast-changing world with reliable data-driven solutions and seamless AI integration.

Insurance & Guidewire

Insurance firms now operate in a separate environment defined by constantly connected customers expecting individualized products, rapid services, and solutions. Insurers have both obstacles and substantial potential to develop a competitive advantage as they deal with a complex regulatory environment, competition from emerging Insure Tech businesses, and ever-changing market conditions.

Appfabs provides you with a wide range of products, a strong service portfolio, and deep design and technical knowledge.We provide digitally driven business processes and solutions targeted to specific domains by leveraging the latest technologies such as Cognitive Systems, Robotics, human-machine interfaces, Smart Connected Devices, next-generation app architectures, and software-defined everything.

Services utilizing technology for our insurance

Upgrade existing systems Drive cost reduction with Automation CoE Create user-centered portals to provide excellent customer service Enabling the installation of top insurance software Speed up end-to-end testing of contemporary programs like Guidewire Utilizing advanced data analytics, increase reporting and compliance Using pre-built APIs, enhance top insurance OEM providers like Guidewire Optimize operations by implementing identified RPA insurance industry use cases into practice

How we can help

Selling digitally

We offer insurers and their intermediaries the tools and support they need to revamp their marketing strategies, incorporating digital acquisition and using the most efficient channel combinations while adapting to changing customer demands

estimating the true risk

Our area of expertise is helping underwriters use data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation to improve decision-making quickly. We can provide real-time, customized prices by utilizing innovative cloud-based business concepts like dynamic pricing, assuring long-term profitability.

providing touch-free service

We enable insurance providers to differentiate their customer service through streamlined services, effective claims processing, and enhanced contact center interactions, it is our purpose to help insurance businesses improve the customer experience.

Claims curve flattening

With our aid, carriers can integrate forefront predictive technologies such as IoT, which monitor hazards and encourage safer behaviours. We assist clients in managing claims for medium and long-tail loss occurrences cost-effectively and improving loss ratios by utilizing contemporary pricing platforms.

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