Contingent Workforce Management

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The Recruitment Process

Our global team of professionals, spanning across the USA, Canada, India, & Brazil, is uniquely suited to manage all contingent workforce requirements, enhance procedures, generate efficiencies, and save money.

We can help you find experienced technology professionals with intermediate- or senior-level skills, to provide the expertise you need for your projects.

Having worked in technical recruitment for many years, we can spot exceptional talent. In the fields of software development, project management, business analysis, architecture, and IT management, we specialize in finding senior and intermediate professionals.

Effortlessly Managing the Daily

Our adaptable solutions are made to handle every aspect of managing contingent workforces effectively and at scale, from sourcing to separation, business analytics to day-to-day operations.

Full Life Cycle

Our comprehensive managed service solution (MSP), which spans talent acquisition to redeployment, begins with the requirements of your hiring managers.

The following seven interconnected steps make up the recruitment lifecycle:

Identifying the Hiring Needs

Preparing the Job Description

Talent Search

Screening and Shortlisting


Evaluation and Offer of Employment

Introduction and Induction of the New Employee

Payroll and Regulation

From the selection of the first candidate through ongoing payroll management and services, comprehensive, centralized, and effective payroll support is provided.

Worker Surveillance

Make strategic decisions, mitigate risk, and secure your data by having a clear, thorough picture of your complete external workforce.

Community Advantages


Rather than subjecting candidates to a lengthy and complicated application procedure, recruiters are now personalizing the recruitment process for a tailored, pleasant candidate experience with an ATS. An applicant monitoring system enables recruiters to complete day-to-day recruitment chores while focusing on more critical matters.

Active Employees

A straightforward method of predicting an applicant's level of commitment to the company is to use a recruiting and selection process that seeks to hire candidates with a work history that demonstrates commitment, consistency, and career growth. The greatest way to evaluate a potential candidate's level of excitement and productivity is through an extensive interview process.

Proactive Hiring

A proactive recruitment process, keeping the talent recruitment team aligned and enabling real-time strategy adjustments, identifies factors that engage and sway new hires, revealing areas for improvement in your recruitment approach.

Enhanced Performance

Any candidate who is actively looking for a new job is most certainly not in danger of losing it due to poor performance. The competence and skills of the candidate that affect job performance are revealed through a thorough selection procedure.

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