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Augmented reality is no longer science fiction; it is a reality, andĀ Appfabs is here to help you realize its full potential. Whether you want to improve education, marketing, healthcare, retail, tourism, or entertainment, our augmented reality solutions will help you get there.

When compared to virtual reality, augmented reality enhances the physical environment by superimposing digital content on top of it. as opposed to replacing it with a virtual one. It can be viewed through applications, AR glasses, or head-mounted devices.

By integrating augmented reality into your mobile applications and devices, you can reach millions of consumers. Your company might be at the forefront of your field, as you are among the early adopters of AR.

Our Services

Immersive Applications

Our expert developers create interactive AR and VR applications that captivate users. From augmented reality apps that overlay digital content onto the real world to virtual reality experiences that transport users to virtual environments, we deliver impactful applications tailored to your specific business needs.

Virtual Training & Simulations

Appfabs leverages AR and VR technologies to revolutionize training and simulations. We develop virtual training modules that provide realistic and engaging learning experiences, allowing employees to practice skills, simulate scenarios, and gain hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Virtual Tours and Showcases

With our AR and VR services, you can offer virtual tours and showcases that bring your products, services, or physical spaces to life. Whether it's a virtual walkthrough of a real estate property, an immersive showcase of your product line, or a virtual museum experience, we create memorable and interactive experiences for your audience.

Gaming and Entertainment

Appfabs specializes in creating immersive gaming experiences and interactive entertainment applications using AR and VR technologies. From gamified marketing experiences to interactive storytelling, our team of developers, designers, and animators brings your vision to life, delivering memorable experiences to your users.

Design and Prototyping

We utilize AR and VR to enhance the design and prototyping processes. With virtual prototyping, you can visualize and iterate on product designs in a virtual environment, saving time and costs associated with physical prototyping. AR can also be used to overlay digital models onto real-world spaces.

Virtual Collaboration

Appfabs enables virtual collaboration and remote assistance using AR and VR technologies. Our solutions facilitate real-time communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, allowing teams to work together regardless of geographical barriers, and improving efficiency and productivity.

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Virtual Reality: A New Dimension of Engagement

Through dynamic 360-degree virtual worlds, Appfabs pioneers Virtual Reality app development for brands.

Creating unparalleled user experiences on platforms like Samsung VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Cardboard, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift VR, our VR solutions redefine engagement.