AF Wrx 1.0 - Total ERP Software

AF Wrx 1.0 - Total ERP Software

Evaluating your current software can save time and money for your business, as sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

AF Wrx 1.0 is a highly customized, complete ERP solution for a manufacturing firm. ERP software, at its most basic, merges the various tasks into a single comprehensive system to simplify operations and information throughout the whole firm. The shared database that enables numerous functions used by different business units is the central characteristic of all ERP systems.

Simple & user-friendly interface to match the current manual system, Efficient way of tracking the processes, Improved efficiency in the process and Easy report generation


Gorgeous design

With carefully thought-out design, applications that delight users.

Highly configurable screens

AF Wrx 1.0 looks great on any device and simplifies the process of customized design.

Easy report generation

Generate dynamic reports that increase your productivity, save your company money, and make your job easier.

Main Modules

AFWrx 1.0 is customized software designed to meet the demands and requirements of the accounting, cement industry, polymer industry, and pre-treader industries.

AFWrx LTE: Accounting Software

AFWrx LTE provides tailor-made Customized Accounting Software based on client’s needs and expectations which makes us the best in the industry.

AFWrx LTE creates customized accounting software that is tailored to meet our clients' specific needs. Our team of experts develops unique software solutions for custom applications and accounting software. We offer a range of accounting modules, including Payments, Receipts, Banking, Purchases, Sales, and Stock Journals. Our precise accounting reports provide details such as voucher summaries, cash books, account summaries, and balance sheets. We simplify your financial management, no matter what aspect of it you're dealing with.

AFCMT 1.0: Cement Industry

AFCMT 1.0 has been developed exclusively for Diamond Cements in Palakkad and is heavily customized. AFCMT 1.0 is here to transform the way you manage your business. Weighbridge, Sales, Billing, Purchase, Production, Maintenance, Employee Details, Vendors, Customers, Accounts, etc. are among the modules that are part of NixCMT. Vehicle weight information, whether loaded or empty, is obtained from the weighbridge and sent to sales, purchase, billing/receipt by the product specifics. Calculating taxes, creating reports, and saving to accounts. Production information, such as the amount generated from loaded silo production material and the creation of daily/monthly reports

AFPly 1.0: Polymers Industry

AFPLY 1.0 is a comprehensive software solution built exclusively to meet the unique needs of the preform and plastic pet goods markets and designed to enhance and streamline all aspects of your business's operations. This was developed for Asian Polymers, a company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of preform and plastic pet goods.

AFPly 1.0 includes modules such as Sales, Billing, Purchase, Production, Employee Details, Vendors, Customers, Reports, Accounts, and others, as well as GST computation.

AFRub 1.0: Pre-Treaders Industry

Highly customized and interactive design for MRF PRETREADS is the most advanced procured re-treading system in India. AFRub 1.0 is designed to simplify and boost your processes, making pre-treading a breeze.

AFRub 1.0 contains orders, invoice issues, sales, purchases, employee details, vendors, customers, counts, report generation, etc. Production details like quantity produced from loaded silo production material and daily/monthly report generation

Why your business should use AF Wrx 1.0

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Evaluating your current software can save time and money for your business, as sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel. ERP systems reduce the order-to-cash cycle since they integrate all parts of a company's operations. The order-to-cash cycle speed defines how quickly a company receives payment for its goods or services following the sale. We developed a simple & user-friendly interface to match the current manual system, an efficient way of tracking the processes, improved efficiency in the process and easy report generation.

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