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Technology Development

We encourage knowledge sharing for collective growth

Product Engineering

Employ new innovations and latest technology trends to bring the best quality applications on all major platforms.

Solutions & Process Consulting

Utilize the latest advances to design ideal solutions and streamline workflows. Ensure top-notch initiatives are delivered and your operations are transformed.

Contingent Workforce Management

Unlock the potential of groundbreaking innovation s and contemporary tech trends to proficiently manage and enhance your flexible workforce.


Our top priority is to provide you with an exceptional selection of tools and apps that have been precisely designed to fit your unique requirements and carry you to the pinnacle of success.


A faster way to deliver

quality digital solutions

At Appfabs Inc., we combine agile strategies, digital techniques, and cutting-edge innovation to assist you in conveying digital solutions quicker.

Appfabs Inc. is a Toronto-based company established in 2016 by a management team with extensive experience in leading engineering and technological enterprises worldwide.

Our area of expertise is assisting companies to achieve their technological platform goals and fuel profitable growth.

Our Areas of Service

Strategic partnership to build your digital concept into a real-world solution. Our in-house architects validate and transform any of your business vertical product ideas into a cutting-edge digital platform.

Data & AI

Explore our data & AI services: unlocking insights and driving growth with cutting-edge tech.

Cloud Enablement

Embark on an exciting cloud journey with us as we merge industry expertise and cutting-edge technology.


We provide various services for SAP on-premises and on-cloud applications throughout their entire lifecycle.


With extensive experience in AR app development, we offer tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Quality, DevOps, and RPA

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) ensure software quality; DevOps streamlines development.

Social & Digital Platform

Boost your digital success with our social and digital platform services. Amplify brand visibility and engage your target.

Premium Partnering Services

With Premium Partnering Services, we provide a premium experience and unwavering support to help you achieve your goals and succeed in today's competitive landscape.

Guidewire Solutions in Insurance

Utilize the latest capabilities of the most reliable cloud platform for insurers to power your InsuranceSuite implementation.

QA Automation with SmartBear TestComplete

Use flexible GUI test automation tools to ensure the quality of your application without losing speed or agility.

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Team Members

Rathish Menchery Mony

Founder & CEO

Parvathy Radhamony Sudhakaran

BU Head - Insurance & Guidewire

Vijai das

HR and Finance Head

Premraj A Prabhakaran

Head of Engineering

Vinodshankar Ravishankar

Head of Technology - North America

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